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Shared Ground is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. There is work that can only be done together, in-person, and in a space that is shared by all of us. Community care is the response to the crises of our times and now is the time to dream, design, and engage in meaningful work that is participatory, grassroots, and directly alive!

Join our active community in Denver's Northside neighborhood to address the realities of our current world to create a vibrant, resilient future.

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You belong here if... (a non exhaustive list)

  • You want to do something about climate change
  • You want to form new friendships
  • You want to deepen your connection and positive impact within your community
  • You are yearning for more in-person gatherings where we are having the conversations that matter most
  • You want to get your hands dirty and share your surplus resources toward tangibly beautifying and uplifting your community
  • You want to a place to feel, grieve, heal, love, find and make meaning in these changeful times
  • You want to heal, expand your mind, or connect more deeply with your spiritual practice (whatever that might be)
  • You are trying your best
  • You live in the neighborhood or anywhere else in the Denver area

You aren't a bully, nazi, or asshole

What you get

  • Membership brings you into a purposeful community that makes meaning and takes action together towards greater resiliency
  • Becoming a member makes you part of a covenant of mutual care and support. We learn from, organize with, and grow with one another while building and being the world we know is possible.
  • Shared Ground members get free access to the Coworking and Member's Lounge during open hours and discounts on space rental.
  • As a member, you can create or plug into all kinds of projects, like:
    • Learning/study circles
    • Childcare co-ops
    • Play groups for kids and adults
    • Free meals / food programs
    • Healing circles - men's, women's, queer, solidarity/ally, etc.
    • Free box / libraries
    • Clothing swaps
  • Shared Ground is radically democratic. As a member, you automatically get a say in how the organization is run.
  • What you give

    It takes a village to nurture Shared Ground. Each one of us has something meaningful to contribute towards our climate resilience congregation. Here is what we ask of members:

  • Monthly financial contribution

    Every member makes a monthly financial contribution that is meaningful for their own situation. A member with access to intergenerational wealth and a secure, salaried job might give $100 or more per month, while a single parent making an hourly wage might give $1. Each is equally meaningful and sacred.

  • Monthly contribution of time

    As an organization led and run by volunteers, we believe in sharing the labor equitably. As part of your membership, you're invited to find a role that fits with your own schedule and superpowers, whether that's sweeping the floors, balancing the books, or spreading the word. Role opportunities are constantly evolving and you'll get a chance to see open roles when you join.

  • Following our community agreements and policies

    We democratically develop our norms and when you choose to join as a member you agree to support and abide by those agreements. You can read our policies in our handbook.

How to Join

  1. Start by giving your pledge of $1 or more
  2. Fill out your membership application
  3. Come by the space and have someone give you an onboarding
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