Event Rental

Host your next event at Shared Ground

The Shared Ground building has several rooms available at affordable rates for public or private events. When possible, we prioritize events that advance our mission of community-driven climate resilience, and can sometimes provide free space for events that are run by and for marginalized communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, etc)


If you have special needs or specific questions email us at rentals@sharedground.co

Event's like these:

The Space

Shared Ground is currently leasing a historic church in Denver's Northside neighborhood dating back to 1890. Our building offers six separate spaces for gatherings, each one suited to a different use. We aim to honor the long history of ceremonies and reverence on this land, beginning with the original people of the land—Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and Ute—and the Presbyterian congregation of the 20th century.

Our Ethos

We believe that building climate resilience is a holistic process and involves many slow and small solutions with a central focus on weaving relationships. For our public events we are seeking anything that weaves people together, supports healing, and makes the world a better place.


We charge a very affordable rate for rentals to help make space accessible to all people. We particularly want to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) to use space in a neighborhood where so many have been pushed out due to gentrification. To address this we waive the rental free for events for and by BIPOC.


Common uses: coworking, classroom


Common uses: spiritual, musical


Common uses: gathering space, dance floor


Common uses: large yoga/movement floor space, coworking


Common uses: performance, meditation, gatherings


Common uses: movement classes


Common uses: Outdoors space